Ugears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03


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Imagine early morning the mist crawling along the highway fills the air with a
sleepy chill It is not the coffee that wakes you up, but a turn of the key that sends
the fuel along the veins of your 18 wheel beast making it purr like a giant mighty cat.

Have you ever experienced anything like that? Now is your chance to join the noble
tribe of long haul truckers with a “Heavy Boy Truck VM 03 model from Ugears

Robust and powerful, the Ugears Heavy Boy Truck VM 03 has a R 6 engine driven by
a rubber band motor. With one winding, the truck can go for about 5 meters.

The transmission system implemented in the model has three modes forward, back and
idle. The front sprung wheels turn to set the direction The detailed design includes
all iconic elements of a long haul truck two big pipes and two pairs of mirrors as
well as a realistic hook up system that connects your tractor unit to the trailer For
more convenient access to the cabin, a small ladder is mounted under the cabin

In the rear of the truck you will find a shovel and a gas can. Moreover, for the
tired driver, the Heavy Boy can offer a cosy sleep station with a TV set!

The romance of the road and the might of a large and fast automobile will leave nobody indifferent. Whether you are
a loner or a company man, the time on the road will clear your head and you will learn to cherish the time with your
close ones even more. Fill the tank to the brim and venture forth with Ugears’ Heavy Boy Truck VM 03 to explore
new routes.

Model size: 15 * 5.1 * 6.7 in (38* 13.5 * 17.8 cm)

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.6 × 6.7 × 2 in