Ugears MonoWheel


Parts count: 300


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The all wooden mechanical Monowheel a curious and peculiar mechanical model rolling
in to join your Ugears collection This single wheel mechanism is built in skeleton steampunk style which means you
can see and enjoy the beauty of moving gears The Ugears Monowheel is equipped with an original transmission
inspired by its predecessors starting in the 1860 s a moving outer element with a stationary mechanism inside

The parts of the mechanism imitate a real steam engine The lack of an outer shell grants easy access to rubber
bands should you need to replace them Two working modes guarantee even more fun Mode one with the feet
locked will give you uninterrupted rolling straight ahead for about 1 5 2 meters 5 7 7 6 ft) until the rubber band
motor’s resource is completely released After that the model gracefully turns around and stops

The econd mode with the feet in the unlocked position your Monowheel will roll ahead while the rubber band
motor is working After that it turns around, its feet hide inside and the model keeps rolling until it runs into an
obstacle In this mode, the model can cover up to 5 meters, which inspired us to play some mechanical bowling using
our new model as a bowling ball We recommend this new sport to all our friends! As to the technical characteristics
the Ugears Monowheel kit comes with 300 parts, including 19 spare parts and like all Ugears family models it
assembles easily following step by step, full color instructions Let the fun roll in!

Model size: 7.3*3.7*6.3 in (18.5 * 9.5 * 16 cm)

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14.6 × 6.7 × 1.6 in