Ugears TugBoat


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As you might have noticed, we at Ugears love the sea and marine devices inspire our creativity The idea behind the
Tugboat was to create a functional mechanism with a certain spice that would make it both down to earth and
interesting The Tugboat is driven by a rubber band motor powered by the tension of the rubber connected with a
bearing The reduction gear transfers energy to the drive wheel and further to the asymmetrical wheel pair The
pendulum slows and evens the motion of the tugboat The asymmetry of the wheel pair grants the model its unique
way of moving, imitating a boat rocking on the waves, while the working pendulum creates a specific noise similar to
one produced by the real life diesel motor many boats are equipped with.

The winding key on the drive wheel is blocked by a ratchet gear There are two control levers, one of which stops the
mechanism and the other launches it stop and start lever correspondingly Use two ropes with hooks to hook up
and transport small freight wheeled models or a paper boat Your Tugboat will run from 1 5 to 3 meters 5 10 ft)
depending on the type of surface.

Model size: 11.2*4.7*7.3 in (28.5 * 12 * 18.5 cm)

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14.6 × 6.7 × 1.3 in